Child Psychotherapy

What is Child Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy offers children and adolescents a unique opportunity to  undertake an exploration of different aspects of their life and life experience in a safe and contained space. The treatment process is completely supportive of the child, and of the family as a whole, and  enables them to move back into a more functional relationship  with themselves and with each other.

What is my approach?

My work with children and adolescents is described as 'Integrative'. This means that I do not just rely on one treatment approach in my work, but have a range of different approaches to use depending on the specific needs of the individual child.

Psychotherapy is often described as a talking therapy. However, many children and adolescents find it hard to talk about how they feel, or with what is going on with them. As a result, much of the therapy work is done using creative materials, such as drawing, painting, sandtray, puppets, therapeutic stories, imagery, as well as through play.  

What Issues do I Treat?

I offer both short and long-term psychotherapy sessions for children,  adolescents and their families. For some children and young people a  systemic approach in which the whole family is involved in the  therapeutic process can be especially beneficial. Whilst I specialise in  working with developmental trauma and disrupted attachment, I also work  with many other issues, including self-harm, bullying, self-esteem  issues, losses and bereavements, separations, depression, school and  relationship issues.

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Appointment Details

Sessions are 50 minutes long and are arrnaged at the same time every week on a weekly basis. I offer an initial telephone consultation, and then a first session with just the parents so that we can talk over the relevant issues, and agree upon an appropriate stratgey for the treatment process. Regular parent check-in's and/or parental sessions may also be helpful.

 If you are interested in exploring whether child psychotherapy might be helpful for your child, please contact me.