Qi Gong Classes & Workshops


What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is the primary exercise system that developed in China, in the same way that Yoga is the main exercise system from India. It is characterised by soft, fluid, mindful movements that serve to create a powerful integration between body, mind and breath.

Qi Gong and other internal arts, such as Tai Chi have been shown to be remarkably effective at reducing stress, increasing flexibility, relieving tension, recovering from injury and improving health and well-being overall. All of this is achieved through relaxed, low impact exercise, which makes it ideal for the elderly and the infirm.

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What we Teach

Standing Qi Gong


Standing qi gong creates a strong well-integrated body structure through the the development of specific bio-mechanical alignments.

Dragon & Tiger Qi Gong


Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong is a simple 7 movement medical Qi Gong form that focuses on tracing the core channels of the body, while clearing and smoothing the body’s vital energy, or chi.

Whole Body Breathing


Whole Body, or Taoist Breathing. This type of breathing practice opens and relaxes both the body and the mind, allowing students to more deeply explore the nature of their internal world.